Complete course 2 days 10 hours 2950 SEK

Get the most out of snowkiting in Åre. This is our most popular course where we will help you develop yourself to an individual snowkiter. During 2 days and 10 intensive hours you will be part of the kiteculture and learn how to live on the conditions of the wind.

You will have at least 8 hours of pracitice with the kite and the snowboard/skies. Day 1 we practise on one of the lakes around Åre and day 2 we hit the mountain searching for powder!To take this course you need to be an intermediate skier/snowboarder.


Day 1

  • Theory
  • Safety on the ice/mountains
  • Riskanalysis
  • The different safety systems of the kite
  • Training whit a small training kite
  • Launch and landing of the kite
  • Unpacking the kite
  • Snowkiting with a big kite
  • Cruise techniques and turns
  • Right of way
  • Individual tips for further developement

Day 2

  • Short briefing from day 1
  • The basics about doing tricks
  • How to use the kite as a lift up the mountain
  • Land and launch the kite on your own
  • Lots of time snowkiting

This is included

  • All transportation during the course
  • Instructor during the whole course
  • We use the latest kite equipment from 2014
  • Usage of harness and leach
  • Wind guarantee  students wear helmet durinall of our course

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